Saalt – Menstrual Cup

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Tired of changing your tampon every 4-6 hours?

The Saalt Cup is a reusable, non-toxic silicone cup that collects your period. This soft cup is worn internally and creates a seal to prevent leaks. You won’t even know it is there. Better yet, it can be worn for up to 12 hours! Empty, rinse, reinsert and repeat.

Includes one cup + one carry bag.

Available in different sizes, levels of firmness and colors.

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Menstrual cups are all of the rage. They may seem intimidating at first, but with some practice you will fall in love.

What’s so special about the Saalt Cup?

    • Reusable – Save money and never buy tampons again. The Saalt Cup can last up to 10 years. Added bonus, it’s good for the environment.
    • Reliable – Wear your Saalt Cup for up to 12 hours. You won’t have to worry about a leak, this cup is designed to hold as much as 3-4 tampons.
    • Comfortable – Soft, flexible and smooth, this bulb shaped design makes it easy to insert and open. You will forget it’s even there.
    • Natural & Safe– Chemical free, non-toxic, BPA and latex free. Made in the USA.
    • Saalt Gives Back – For every purchase, Saalt helps provide improved period care and educational opportunities to women and girls in need.

How to Find the Right Size Menstrual Cup

The Saalt Cup comes in two sizes and two levels of firmness.

Size: Small or Regular

  • Small – light to normal flow, great for beginners, younger person, very petite or low-cervix
  • Regular – normal to heavy flow, high-volume, carried a pregnancy to term or high-cervix

Firmness: Saalt Cup or Saalt Soft

  • Saalt Cup – first-time cup user, physically active, strong pelvic floor.
  • Saalt Soft – experienced cup user **

** Saalt Soft cup is recommended for users who have experienced any of the following with a firmer cup: bladder pressure, difficulty urinating with your cup inserted, difficulty with a bowel movement with your cup inserted, vaginal sensitivity, or increased cramping.


  • Saalt Cup – pink or blue
  • Salt Soft – grey

Remember, you will be inserting this cup into your vagina. If this is something new for you, start with the small Saalt Cup.

If you have any questions about choosing the right size Saalt cup, watch the video below!

How to Use the Saalt Cup


  • Fold and hold your cup with clean hands
  • Insert your cup toward your tailbone
  • Let it open and rotate it slightly, creating a light suction seal


  • Relax and bear down gently to help lower your cup
  • Pinch the base of the cup to break the seal
  • Remove and empty


  • During your cycle, wash your cup with cold water and Saalt Cup wash
  • After your cycle, boil 4-5 min to disinfect

Videos: Saalt – Menstrual Cup

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Saalt – Menstrual Cup
Saalt – Menstrual Cup
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