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Save 20% when you signup for any pro subscription. offers functional music designed specifically for accelerated deep focus, relaxation, and sleep. Using patented AI-generated music with neural phase locking technology, helps you achieve long-lasting flow states and improves cognitive function within as little as 15-minutes. 

FOCL - Premium CBD


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FOCL offers hemp-derived CBD products blended with adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms that enhance performance and recovery.

Direct CBD Online - Huge CBD Retailer

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Direct CBD Online has one of the largest selections of CBD products, carrying over 90 of the leading CBD brands.

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Blinkist - Audiobook Insights

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Blinkist offers 10 to 20-minute audiobook summaries. Learn the key insights from over 3000+ books including many best selling non-fiction titles.

Optimize every aspect of your life by listening to Blinks from  categories such as:

Productivity, Personal Development, Communication, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Motivation, and more.

Popular Books:

Optimized Health
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